Peak Yogurt


Our Story

At Peak Yogurt, we’re obsessed with cream from organic pasture-based cows and believe it's one of nature’s true superfoods. We love its clean-burning energy, incredible vitamin and nutrient content, and rich silky texture. We’re also adamant about limiting added sugar in our own foods. These two values led to the creation of Peak Triple Cream Yogurt: the first and only true Triple Cream yogurt, made with 17% milkfat, a unique 3:1 ratio of fat to protein, and super low added sugar.


Long before Peak Yogurt, I spent years reading nutrition studies and optimizing my own diet. I came to believe that traditional animals fats, like milkfat, are among nature's most nourishing and healthful foods. I started eating more cream and butter. I avoided industrial seed oils like like soybean and corn oil, and I dramatically reduced the added sugar I consumed. I felt better than I ever had.

First Batch

In summer 2014, I left my biotech job in search of new adventure. I loved yogurt but wasn’t happy with the sugary low-fat varieties that filled store shelves. That fall, I made my first batch of yogurt based on a simple idea: LOTS of milkfat! I added a generous portion of heavy cream to whole milk, sprinkled in culture, and let the fermentation work its wonders.

Starting Small

Eventually, I started making yogurt every week in my kitchen and gave it to anyone who would try it. People loved it! I ran a crowdfunding campaign and secured preorders for 2500 tubs of yogurt. Now I needed cows and yogurt vats.


By summer of 2017, I had found a great creamery in Portland, OR, to make our yogurt, and three family-owned organic dairies in the Willamette Valley of Oregon to provide pasture-based milk and cream. In October 2017, Peak Yogurt began selling in independent stores in the Bay Area, Portland, and Seattle.

Finding Your Own Peak

As a kid growing up in Washington state, I was captivated by Mount Rainier and dreamed of climbing it. After years of practice on smaller mountains, I realized my goal and will never forget stepping onto its snowy summit. I still relate most challenges to the process of climbing a mountain. To me, Peak Yogurt is another kind of summit—the culmination of a journey to create the best possible yogurt. I hope you’ll make us part of your journey to find your own peak. So, grab a cup, take a bite, and let us know what you think!


Founder, Peak Yogurt